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A Little Slice of Heaven

by | May 12, 2021 | Inspiration

Have you been to Arkansas?

I think I had driven through on my college coast-to-coast road trip, but I remember nothing about it. So if I had been, it certainly didn’t make an impression.

I needed to plan a route from Pensacola to Phoenix. And to be perfectly frank, I wanted to avoid Texas if at all possible. So I pulled out my map and saw that if I went to Little Rock, I could then push straight through to Albuquerque next.

So off to Little Rock I went. And guess what? I LOVED it. I loved everything about it.

It’s cute and quaint. And there are tiny houses EVERYWHERE! Hello, Maine! Get your zoning together!

The food is good and the people are friendly. There’s greenspace everywhere you turn, with dog parks, bike trails, and hiking galore.

I only spent a week there as a waypoint, but as I left the city to head west, my heart felt a pang of longing to stay. It’s officially on the list to return to someday.



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