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Moments of despair

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Grief, Inspiration

You know those moments, the ones where you find yourself squatting in the shower sobbing your face off…yeah, those moments of despair.

I know those moments feel hard, sometimes unbearable. They are all-consuming, raw moments of real emotion.

And I want to congratulate you for feeling them. Yes, congratulate. You know why? Because you are FEELING the emotions. And that is hard, brave work.

It’s in these moments of despair, that we have the opportunity to connect to our true essence. Those emotions are being pushed up from the unconscious mind, the keeper of our emotions. The unconscious mind delivers these emotions to us when we have the resources to resolve them. So even if you feel resource-less, you are being presented an opportunity to heal.

As the emotions course through your body, you are connecting with the deepest part of yourself, the truest essence of YOU. No matter how hard it is, stay present with those emotions. Once they have moved through, take some time to reflect on what’s left in the aftermath.

I promise you, in that space, you will find clarity. You will find healing. You will start to see the things that will set you free.

Free to be you.
Free to dream.
Free to let go of the pain.
Free to step into what’s next.


Photo captured at Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in Chattanooga, TN. https://www.sculpturefields.org/



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