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The close of a chapter

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Grief

For the last four years, it has been a pleasure and an honor to serve you under the Mind Body Grief banner. In these four years, I saw clients as a massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, and grief coach. I held space for your losses, for your grief, and your tender hearts and bodies. I grieved my own losses alongside you. I witnessed miracles and was humbled regularly. This work was powerful and inspirational.

And now it’s time to make a shift in how I show up in my business.

In the coaching world, there are two types of motivation: AWAY FROM and TOWARDS motivation.

  • Away from is moving away from the thing you don’t want: being broke, being lazy, grief and loss. In the away from motivation, you have to focus on the thing you don’t want.
  • Towards motivation is moving towards the thing you want: financial security, an active lifestyle, healing and connection. The motivation is stronger because you are consistently focused on the positive side of your situation.

So here I am, living the TOWARDS life. I grieved my losses. I sat in deep despair and sadness. And now I’m ready to move towards the thing that I truly want. And in doing so, I’ll be helping others do the same.

I believe that we must pursue the things that light us up, that call from the core of our being, that thing that gives us the spark to move through this life. To do so, we must first grieve. And grieve well. Once we do that, we have the choice as to what’s next.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey as I explore how to step into the ‘what’s next’ part. I have some exciting updates to share…because as one chapter closes, another begins.



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