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The First Travel Hiccup!

by | May 12, 2021 | Grief, Inspiration, Travel

Do you know how long it took me to learn to spell Albuquerque? Far longer than I’d like to admit!

I decided to hang out in Albuquerque for a few weeks on my way west. I hadn’t spent time in New Mexico before and I figured it would be a fun place to visit. I got a cute Airbnb studio close to downtown and was eager to explore.

Well…things didn’t go according to plan. I spent the first week mostly working. I spent a tremendous amount of time online supporting a couple of workshops. And then, on my first real day off, I went to my car to find it had been broken into.

The backseat window on the driver’s side was smashed and my backpack was stolen. I immediately snapped into action and called the Airbnb owner, the police, and my insurance company. I got things rolling to get the repairs done.

And then I sobbed my face off. Here I was, a few thousand miles from home, alone, in an unfamiliar city, and my safety was threatened for the first time on my journey.

I took lots of time to process it all, to regroup, and to refocus. I feel incredibly grateful for the following:

  • There was nothing of value in my backpack (2 soft coolers and a few odds and ends)
  • I have great insurance and it only cost me $100 to get it repaired
  • The Airbnb owner was super nice and helpful
  • The repair shop took my car in the next day to get it off the streets and had it repaired a day later
  • I had a safe space to stay while I navigated the details
  • I was able to lean on friends and family as I navigated it all

Sometimes life just happens. But what’s important is how we choose to handle it. I was able to rebound and see some beautiful things and meet some incredibly kind people along the way. I probably won’t return, but it’s all part of the journey.



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